Sunday, March 29, 2009

The reason why God is "not there"

Many people do not believe in God because he is "not there", because we can't "see" him. Even some Christians who know really well by knowledge are unsure about this: how can we be sure that God really exists? These people struggle frantically to find a rational link between knowing God and accepting God.

This is how Pascal answers this question: "God gives us just about enough light so that we can see him, and if he wants, he gives us just about enough darkness to reject the truth". Logically, it is obvious that God can't show himself completely to us. If God was as clear as a tree outside the window, we wouldn't need any "faith". We will have no choice but to be "forced" to believe in him. This destroys the concept of faith, as faith is something you choose. This also destroys the possiblity of love, as you cannot "force" love. If we do not have a chance to deny God, we are forced to love him.

We need to realize that to accept God, we must be humble, and understand the fact that faith is not true faith when there are no suspicions. We often want God to be something that meets our expectations and understandings. But the reality is quite the contrary: He wants us to meet His expectations, and He wants us to believe in Him like how the children do(not trying to reason but just believing). God looks for the people who have finally realized that they are lost without God.


mika said...

hi J.park thanks for visit, u blog are so nice
about u question,When we turn off their lights we reduce the use of electricity so reduce the use of fuel that used to generate electricity so reduce emissions into the environment
and make better environment

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Fran said...

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Also, I like this passage about "faith". seems we contribute to the same topic but with different stories.

Keep going.

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mika said...

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yes i hear but i think if we know the reasons and try to stop it maybe we can do thing and Earth Hour just was a call from people to government to go to new politics and just hope we have :D

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